The BIONICO consortium gathers 8 organisations from 7 countries (Italy, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal). With 2 Technical universities (POLIMI and TUE), 1 research applied centre (TECNALIA), 2 innovative SMEs (ENC and QUANTIS) and three world leading companies (JM, RKV and ICI caldaie), the industrial commitment in the project is very strong and covers the require skill to address the requirement of the call.
These organisations can be categorised in different main profiles offering complementary skills to achieve the BIONICO objectives:
1 catalyst supplier: JM
1 membrane support supplier: RKV
1 membrane supplier: TECNALIA
1 lab-scale reactor design and proof of concept: TUE
1 reformer prototype supplier and system integrator: AH – ICI caldaie
1 biogas producer for validation in industrially relevant environment: ENC
1 design and simulation of the whole process for optimising the system: POLIMI
1 LCA assessment: QUANTIS.
In addition, both JM and AH are members of the New Industrial Grouping (NEW-IG) of FCH JU. TECNALIA as well is full member of the FCH-JU Research Group (N.ERGHY).