Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation


Tecnalia  is a private non-profit and independent research organisation resulting from the merger of eight research organisations: Cidemco, ESI European Software Institute, European Virtual Engineering, Fatronik, Inasmet, Labein, Leia and Robotiker. TECNALIA employs more than 1.475 people (188 PhDs) and its turnover is 113 MEuros, it filled 58 patents, has 4.000 clients and 28 spin-offs (2011). TECNALIA is very active in the FP7 being already involved in more than 264 projects, coordinating 64 of them.
The activities under the present proposal will be carried out by the Materials for Energy Dept. of the Energy and Environment division of TEC. It is constituted by 26 scientists and technicians (including 9 PhD and 5 PhD students). During the last years the M4E Dept. has been involved in the development of materials and membranes for gas separation applications such as pre and post- combustion carbon dioxide capture, natural gas purification, air separation and olefin/paraffin separation. The group has applied its background in materials, surface engineering and industrial processes to the development of gas separation membranes and the design and development of membrane modules and membrane reactors. The membrane group works with polymeric, inorganic (metallic and carbon) materials and mixed matrix membranes.

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